Station Casinos 11 Ways To Parlay Cards

The Station Casinos are now offering a new parlay card special in their sports books. Featuring 11 different ways to win! Offer available at all 16 Las Vegas Station Casino locations! 

We’ve Got The Parlays You Want!

11 Ways To Parlay

  1. Ties Win Parlay Card!
    If You Tie, You Win
  2. 1/2 Point Card!
    10 for 10 Pays 800 For 1
  3. Friday Happy Hour Parlay Card!
    Higher Payouts
  4. Wednesday Wild Card! Super High Payouts!
    Wednesday Only!
  5. 1st Half Card
    A Great Way To Play!
  6. Ties Win Teaser Cards!
    15 For 15 Pays 300!
  7. Mega-Teaser Special!
    $5 Special: 15 For 15 Pays $150! Ties Win
  8. Sunday/Monday Night Card!
    New Props Every Week!
  9. Daily Parlay Card!
    10 For 10 Pays 800 For 1
  10. High Paying Over The Counter Teasers!
    7 & 8 Team College And Pros,
    Plus 6 1/2 Point Teasers
  11. High Paying Over The Counter Teasers!
    4 Teamers Pay 11-1;
    5 Teamers Pay 22-1

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