Down & Derby roller disco has an amazing music line up set for June with resident discotheque DJs Ob-One and Supra playing the best electro-dance beats and resident skate guard DJs Nugget and $HR3D controlling the roller disco rink’s turntables. This month D&D also welcomes DJ G-Minor and last minute addition, all the way from Pitt, DJ Bonics. I hope everyone is ready to dance, skate, drink and fall on your ass!
Dress Code
GUYS: Mohawks or locks, 70’s T’s that rock, button ups, hush pups and tight jeans with
GIRLS: Pigtails and wedding veils, suspenders and press on nails, gowns
crowns and really shorts shorts with two big mounds.
Don’t forget to RSVP at
$5 with RSVP // $5 for skate rentals
DJ Nugget has provided the Down & Derby diehards a little mix from SXSW, enjoy!
Once big mp3

So get your hottest disco outfit together and save me a couple skate 😉

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